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Terms & Conditions


The Passenger is advised to read the Terms and Conditions carefully prior to any advance payment, because signature confirms that Passenger is familiar with and fully accept all stated in this document.
The Terms and Conditions represent the basis for settlement of any possible dispute that may arise between the Passenger and the Agency.


The request for the reservation should be done by filling in a simple form available on the Agency web site, or directly at the Agency or at any other partner agency appointed to sell the services of the Agency. During the application process the Passenger has to provide all the necessary information required in the application form when filling in the online application, i.e. the client has to submit all the required documents if the client is making a reservation in personally in the Agency office or at any other partner agency appointed to sell the services of the Agency. Registration becomes valid when the Traveler accepts conclusion of the Contract in the manner in which the application is made ​​and upon advance payment of USD200. The rest of the contracted amount, unless otherwise specified, shall be paid 15 days prior travel. If the Passenger, does not make payment on time, it is considered that the trip is cancelled in accordance with paragraph 12 of the Terms and Conditions. One passenger can conclude agreement for more than one person, provided that the Passenger at the time of signing the Contract present to the Agency passports of other passengers. The Contract, together with all the consequences is valid for all passengers listed and especially the fact that they are familiar with the Program and this Terms and Conditions.


The Agency is responsible for the execution of services and selection of the service providers.
The Agency must concern over the rights and interests of the Passenger in accordance with the good practice in tourism.
The Agency is responsible to assure that the Passenger receives all the services he/she has booked, and is therefore liable to the passenger for a possible non-provision of the services or a part of the services the Passenger has paid for.
The Agency is not responsible if the non-provision of the service is due to a case of force majeure in the passenger's country or in the country where the service needs  to be provided (e.g. war, riots, strikes, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, official authority interventions, etc.), which results in preventing the Passenger to stay in the booked accommodation unit. In this case the Agency is entitled to compensation for actual services rendered to the passenger.


The Passenger is under obligation:

  • to become familiar with the Program and the Terms and Conditions before the conclusion of the Contract;
  • to outline specific requirements that are not covered by the Program;
  • to pay agreed amount, by terms and as provided by the Contract, of these Terms and Conditions and the Program;
  • to submit to the Agency  accurate and complete information and documents required for travel;
  • to possess valid travel documents for each person (including travel documents for children and documents required for pets). The cost of loss or theft of these documents is borne by the Passenger;
  • to obey with the customs and currency regulations and laws of destination country as well as with those of the transit countries during the journey;
  • to inform the Agency about bringing any pets on trip at the time of booking in order to obtain the consent of the service provider. The service provider can refuse to provide accommodation service to the Passenger if the pets were not mentioned at the time of booking;
  • to inform the Agency about all the relevant facts that can affect the passenger's stay at the reserved accommodation unit (e. g. allergies and illness of the passenger, physical disability, arrival by vehicle of non-standard size, need for bed of non-standard size, special diet conditions if the passenger chooses half-board or full-board service etc.);
  • to obey the rules of booked accommodation unit and cooperate in good will with the service providers;
  • to pay for the damage caused to the direct service providers or third party by violations of laws and other regulations and these Terms and Conditions.

If the Passenger does not obey the above stated regulations, the Passenger  can be denied of service provision and in this case he/she is not entitled to claim the compensation or the refund of the paid amount.


Prices are denominated in foreign currency, payments and the calculation is carried out in Indonesian rupiah(IDR) according to selling rate of commercial bank of the Agency on the day of payment, or by the rate specified in the tour program.
Prices are established based on company policy thus the Agency cannot be the subject of the complaint.Services performed outside of the Program shall be paid on the spot to our partner. The Program price includes a combination of at least two or more services of the average quality for a given destination as follows: transportation, accommodation, meals, trip preparation and organization.
Prices do not include (if something else is not offered by the program) the cost of airport and port fees, local tour guide, a representative of the Agency, optional programs, use of sun beds and parasols,  visa fees, entrance fees, passenger and baggage insurance, room service, use of room(mini) bar, air conditioning, recreational, medical, telephone and other services, the cost of accommodation in single rooms, rooms with special features (view, floor, size, balcony, etc.), additional meals, etc.. (Hereinafter referred to special services).
The conditions that are related to the discount for children as well as other benefits which are provided in the program are determined by service providers and they should be interpreted restrictively ( e.g. for children under two years of age is relevant calendar date when the child turns two years compared with the first day of travel).

All kinds of services that are not included by the program passenger must request in writing from the Agency.
The Agency cannot be responsible to the Passenger for later made special services provided and charged from foreign partners, if those special services are not prearranged and included in the program in writing. The Agency is only responsible for the descriptions of services contained in the program and not responsible for service descriptions in catalogs - publications or on Web sites of direct service providers, such as  hotels, airlines and others unless the Passenger is not specifically addressed to them by the Agency.
If the Passenger while traveling requires a special service outside of the program, those kind of services are payable on-site to representative of the Agency in the currency of the country where representative is located, and the Agency is not responsible for the special services and billing by an agency from abroad or direct service provider, if those services were not included in the Program and the Contract.

Start and end date of travel stated in the Program does not involve all-day accommodation for passengers in the accommodation facility or destination. Time - Hour of departure or arrival of passengers and entering the facility is subject to change due to procedures at border crossings, road conditions, local authorities permits, technical or weather conditions or force majeure that may affect the flight schedule, etc. that the Agency cannot affect and therefore in these cases the Agency is not responsible. The first and last day of the Program are planned for the trip and do not involve staying in a hotel or place of destination - but only represents a calendar day beginning and end of travel, thus The Agency is not responsible for evening, night or early morning flights, entering the room in the late evening, leaving the hotel early in the morning and similar.
For the Program that includes air transportation agreed passengers meeting is at the airport at least two hours before the first announced departure time by the airline.

In the case of the flight schedule change the Agency is not liable and will apply national and international regulations in the field of air transportation.

Airline or other transportation ticket is valid only on their designated days. Any kind of information that differ from those contained in the Program or a separate written agreement is not bound by the Agency.


The Agency may require increasing of the Contract price latest 15 days prior to departure if after conclusion of the Contract a change has been made in currency exchange rates or in the tariffs of carriers or in other cases prescribed by law.

To increase posted prices up to 10% consent of the Passengers is not necessary. If increasing of the total contract price exceeds 10%, the Passenger may send cancelation by written and terminate the Contract without the obligation of compensation to the Agency, but not later than 48 hours from receipt of written notice of price increase from the Agency. If till the deadline, the passenger fails to notify in writing to the Agency to withdraw from the Contract, shall be deemed to have agreed with the new price.

The Agency is entitled to reduce the price of the published programs, but the deduction cannot in any circumstances refer to the contracts already concluded.


The accommodation facilities, transportation and other services are described according to the official categorization in the country of domicile at the time of publication of the Program and they can vary and are not comparable by destination. The Program is listed categorization of accommodation facilities at the time of conclusion of the Contract between the Agency and foreign partners. Food, comfort and quality of service depend primarily on package price, selected destination and specific categorization of the local-national regulations and are out of control and influence of the Agency. All services listed in the Program include the standard services (average quality standards, specific to certain destinations and places).

Description of the Program relates only to the accommodation buildings with related facilities, and not to their surroundings. Some accommodation facilities stated in the Program may not be in function in the period of stay requested by passenger. Services of guide, a local tour guide and local representative does not obligate them for all day long and continued presence, but only the necessary contact and help to the Passenger-requisite for a predetermined periodic duty terms posted on hotel information board or other appropriate way. Instructions and directions of the tourist guides or representatives of the Agency (especially in connection with departure times, transportation, housing, legal and other regulations, etc.) bound passengers and non-compliance of these instructions is a violation of the Terms and Conditions thus all possible impacts and damages in such event is entirely on the Passenger.


Location of rooms / suites in a hotel is set by reception of the hotel. If  the Passenger is not explicitly pre arranged accommodation of special features, will accept any officially registered accommodation unit in the accommodation facilities as described in the Program, regardless of the characteristics of passenger, location and position of the building, floors, close to the noise, parking and other conditions. If till 5 days before the agreed date of departure the Agency is forced to modify some important part of the Contract such is the type, location, category or level of comfort of accommodation, the Agency is required to promptly disclose amendments to the Passenger in writing which is readily available to consumers. The Passenger may accept the changes or to terminate the Contract with refund of the paid amount. The Passenger is obliged to inform the Agency about his/hers decision in writing within 2 days after receiving notification change of the Contract.

After start of the travel service, accommodation can be amended without the consent of passenger if replacing accommodation is in the same or higher category of accommodation at the agreed destination at the expense of the Agency. Amend of accommodation facilities to the lower categories can only be done with the consent of passengers and with return the difference in proportion to the reduced price.
The Passenger undertakes understanding and compliance with rules of conduct in the accommodation facility and in particular of: keeping money, valuables and precious things, food and drinks in the room, housing, leaving the room at the appointed time, the number of people in the room and others.

Unless otherwise agreed, the Passenger will be accommodated in facility earliest after 14.00 h on the first day of service, and leave the facility no later than 09.00 h on the last of service. The Passenger is not entitled to a refund of cost of hotel services and transportation caused by the voluntary and earlier leaving of accommodation facility.

Unless otherwise agreed, triple and quad accommodation units (rooms, studios, apartments, etc) are usually based on standard double rooms with one or two extra beds, which are usually wooden or metal beds and structures that may worsen accommodation quality, and in accordance with the categorization and regulations of domicile country.
As a rule, tap water is not intended for drinking, but regardless of its possible different composition, aroma and taste, it is chemical and bacteriological considered safe for all other purposes.
Air Condition operating hours in the accommodation facilities are different in respect to destinations and facilities and does not necessary mean continuous operation 24 hours.
The Agency has no responsibility for items that are not usually carried on a trip, therefore the Agency don’t recommend to passengers to carry valuables.
The Agency is not responsible for damage caused by the Passenger because of his disrespect of regulations, the prescribed rules and customs established by carriers, hoteliers and other direct service providers.
Quality and service of food depends largely on the package price, category of accommodation, destination and local customs, whether the principle is serving or buffet. ALL INCLUSIVE service, or ALL INC. LIGHT and any other services include hotel services by internal rules and may not be identical even within the same accommodation category at the same destination. Breakfast, unless otherwise indicated in the Program, includes continental breakfast.

Transfer quality standard of passengers is in accordance with relevant regulations of the country where the service is implemented and applied the rules, principles and rules set by the carriers (e.g. transportation to any means of transportation does not include numbered seating, nor meals and drinks during the trip, unless specifically agreed to, etc.).
If information provided to the Agency does not match with the passport data of the Passenger (name, passport number etc.) may result in printing a new ticket or even declare original ticket irregular to what consequences shall be borne by the Passenger. The Passenger is responsible for his plane ticket from the moment ticket is delivered to him/her at the airport or at the Agency. The Passenger bears the full consequences of ticket loss while traveling.

If the Passenger is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or expressing inappropriate behavior - the Agency has the right not to accept him/her for carriage or in the presence of police to remove the Passenger from the vehicle. Further transport to the destination cannot be the obligation of the Agency, and if the Passenger not show at the hotel due to removal from vehicle cancellation scale will apply as per paragraph 11. In the vehicles is prohibited to smoke, consume drugs or alcohol. The passenger must not disturb the Agency officials in the bus, otherwise it will be immediately removed from the vehicle. Direction, pauses, place and duration of same are determined by a guide - driver. Guide-driver has the right, due to unavoidable circumstances, to change schedules and itinerary, or the order of location visits. The Passenger has the obligation to accept any offered place in transport vehicle.

Transfer of luggage from parking place to the accommodation unit is the Passenger obligation (transportation vehicle will be as close as possible to accommodation unit). If the transport of luggage from the parking place to the hotel is organized by the hotel, the Agency is not responsible for loss or damage of the baggage.

For forgotten items on the bus, the Agency is not responsible. Passenger duty is to visibly mark luggage with personal data, and that personal belongings and valuable items does not leave in the bus since the Agency cannot be responsible for their disappearance. The Agency has the right to hire tourist buses of all types that meet the conditions stipulated in the regulations on the comfort of the bus and without prior information to the passenger about the type of bus. While driving, toilets in bus are not for use, unless it is approved. The Passenger has to cover on the spot all damage made to transportation vehicle or accommodation.

Passenger transport by rail, sea, river or lake transport vehicles shall be the direct responsibility of the carrier and in accordance with the regulations governing mentioned kind of transportation.


All terms announced in the Program apply only for holders of Indonesian passport. The obligation of the Passengers who posses foreign travel documents is to become familiar with the visa, custom, health and other conditions applicable to destination or transit country and to prepare all required documents on time. In order to travel abroad the Passenger must have a valid travel document for at least 6 months (9 months for particular destinations in Europe) calculated from the last day of the trip and to sent the same to the Agency within requested period with the required information and documents for the visa, if visa will be obtained by The Agency. The Agency and officials of the same are not authorized to determine the validity of travel documents and other documents. When the Agency intermediates in the process of obtaining travel documents for passenger, the Agency does not guarantee a visa nor a visa on time and is not responsible if border or immigration authorities refuse entry, transit or further stay to the passenger.

The cost of visa application through Asvinia Travel Services must be prepaid and the amount is non-refundable if the visa application is rejected in accordance with the regulations of respective embassy. If during the trip a passenger loses travel documents or documents become stolen, the Passenger at its own expense has to provide new documents and accept all possible consequences on that basis.

The Passenger is obliged to arrange special services related to his health (specific food, housing characteristics, etc.). For travel to countries that request compulsory vaccination or procurement of certain documents, the obligation of passengers is to carry out all required vaccinations and ensure proper form about it. The Passenger bears the full consequences in case failing to comply with special rules from this paragraph.
The passenger is obliged to strictly respect the customs and others regulations of The Republic of Indonesia, transit countries and destination countries and in case of inability to continue traveling or stay all the consequences and costs borne by the traveler.
If travel cannot be realized due to passenger failure related to the provisions of this paragraph, shall apply the provisions of paragraph 11 of this Terms and Conditions.


The Agency is obliged to inform Passenger of any significant change in the Program no later than 5 days prior to departure. The Passenger has a period of 48 hours from receipt of notice regarding the change, to respond the Agency whether he/she accepts the same. In the case of accepting new offer, the Passenger has the right to proportional price reduction if the new offer is lower than originally agreed, or is obligated to pay the difference in cost between the original and the new offer, if the offer is more expensive than originally agreed.
If Passenger does not accept any alternative offered by the Agency, the Passenger has the right to refund the total price paid.

The Agency has the right to cancel a trip in the event of: insufficient number of passengers registered, provided that the Passenger is informed about the cancelation latest 5 days before departure; termination due to inability to fulfill contractual obligations for which no contract party is responsible and if the problem existed in the time of publication of the Program it should be a legitimate reason for the Agency not to publish it and not to conclude the Contract. The Agency in this case has the obligation to refund to the Passenger funds paid no later than 15 days from the date of termination.

If in the Program is not specifically mentioned the smallest number of registered passengers should be: to travel by bus 30 passengers, to travel on scheduled air routes in Asia 20 passengers, to travel the transcontinental air routes 15 passengers.

The Agency during program has the right to change schedule of travel, as well as the right to change the route of travel and the other necessary changes to the Program due to change of travel circumstances (flight schedule change, emergency landing, failure of vehicle, the crowd at the borders or in traffic, the closure of one of the sites planned for the tour, the changes in the visa regime, the security situation, natural disaster or other extraordinary and objective circumstances and force majeure) without obligation to pay any damages or other compensation to the Passenger. The Agency shall promptly notify the change to passenger at the most appropriate way. In these cases the Agency shall bear any additional costs of changes to the itinerary. If commenced journey has to be terminated for good cause, the Agency is entitled to compensation for actual services rendered.

The Agency is released from fulfillment of the Contract, if the Passenger as part of the travel group interferes in the implementation of trip by serious misconduct, regardless of the warning. The Passenger bears the full consequences for any damage caused in this case.

In the event of extraordinary circumstances that could not be predicted in advance (terrorist attacks, state of emergency, explosion, disease, epidemics and other diseases, natural disasters, etc..) both parties have right to terminate the Contract, where the Agency has the right for the actual expenses. If the Passenger despite provided evacuation option or orders from authorities of The Republic of Indonesia, still wants to continue the journey, it is obliged to write and sign a document that he/she has been notified that can be returned to Indonesia and that he/she knows the possible consequences of staying.


The Passenger has the right to withdraw from the trip.
Withdraw must be made in writing to avoid misunderstandings.
Day of submitting written cancelation is basis for the calculation of the fee attributable to the Agency, expressed as percentage of the total travel cost, if not otherwise mentioned in the Program, as follows:

  • 5%   if you cancel the trip to 45 days before departure,
  • 10% if you cancel the trip from 44 to 30 days before departure,
  • 20% if you cancel 29 to 20 days before departure,
  • 40% if you cancel 19 to 15 days before departure,
  • 80%  if canceled 14 to 10 days before departure,
  • 90%  if you cancel 9 to 6 days before departure,
  • 100% if you cancel 5 to 0 days before departure or for cancelation after the day of departure.

Change of agreed destination and date of travel, accommodation facility, accommodation units, failing to obtain visas, etc., shall be considered as passenger´s withdrawal from the trip.

The Passenger is obliged to compensate to the Agency only the real expenses if the cancellation is due to following circumstances: sudden illness of passenger´s spouse, child, parent, passenger´s siblings, the adoptee and the adopter, death of passenger, spouse, child, parent, passenger´s siblings, the adoptee and the adopter or officially declared disasters. For cases above the Passenger is obliged to submit proof to the Agency that states the rights of health insurance on the basis of temporary incapacity for work or death certificate. It cannot be considered  as a valid reasons for cancellation or travel interruption cases  such is local terrorist attack, explosion, disease, epidemics and other diseases, natural disaster and similar for which no state of emergency has been declared by the competent national authorities of the destination country.
Sudden illness implies a sudden and unexpected illness or infectious disease or an organic disorder, which occurs after conclusion of the Contract and not associated with, or is the result of a previous health condition, and such condition requires treatment, stay in the hospital (hospitalization) and prevents the Passenger to start the trip.
In the event when a passenger who has given up from the trip provide the appropriate substitution or substitution is find by the Agency, the Passenger shall recover total amount paid, after deduction of actual expenses only. When withdrawing from the Contract, to the Passenger will not be refunded the amount paid to the Agency to mediate in obtaining visa and the amount paid for insurance.


Transportation of luggage is free to a certain weight determined by airline.
Excess luggage fee shall be paid in accordance with the rules of applicable airline.It is highly recommended that gold, other valuables, medications and technical goods be carried in hand luggage only. If the transport is done by bus, a passenger can carry maximum two pieces of luggage. Children under two years are not entitled to a free baggage. The Passenger is obliged to take care of his/hers belongings stored in the transportation vehicle and  about giving and taking luggage to/from carrier. All of the rights in connection with this paragraph the Passenger realizes directly from the carrier, service provider or insurance company under applicable international and national regulations.

The Passenger has the obligation to report the loss or damage of luggage to the local representative of the Agency or to  the foreign partner. If the Passenger misses by his fault to report luggage loss or damage, he/she loses the right to compensation.


The cost of the tour does not include travel insurance.The Agency advises the conclusion of travel cancellation insurance, travel health insurance and insurance against accidents. If the Agency offers travel insurance, the Agency is just mediator. The insurance contract is concluded only between the Passenger and the insurance company, which is directly responsible for any request. The Passenger should read the insurance conditions and obligations under insurance contract. By signing the insurance contract the Passenger confirms that he/she is informed and advised regarding travel insurance package.


The Passenger is obliged to immediately put complaint to the local representative of the Agency, and if he is not available to direct service providers (e.g. airline, hotel, etc.) or directly to the organizer and co-operate in good faith to solve the problem and accept offered solution that corresponds to the contracted service.

The Passenger may not claim the price reduction in case if in the prescribed manner fails to point out to the Agency the discrepancy between the provided and agreed services. For complaints, assistance and emergency cases the Passenger can contact us via telephone number (+6221) 59 49 15 39  or fax number (+6221) 59 49 15 59, weekdays from 09-18h WIB, Saturday from 09-14 WIB or via e-mail: office@asvinia.com or on our address: Ruko Star of Asia no. 28, Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang 15810 Indonesia.
Passenger needs to specify the number of the contract, destination, the name of the hotel establishment, the names of passengers and telephone number where the Passenger can be reached. Passenger is obliged to patiently wait and cooperate in the time frame of 24-48 h to remove legitimate complaint (e.g. refrigerator malfunction, poor cleaned apartment and other failures).
In case the complaint is not solved on the spot, passenger with a representative of the Agency (or service providers) creates a certificate(record) signed by both sides. The Passenger retains a copy of this certificate. If the cause of the complaint has been corrected on the spot, passenger is required to sign a certificate of the same, otherwise the fact that the Passenger continued to use of the offered solution is considered to be fully executed program.

If deficiencies are not remedied on the spot, the Passenger is obliged, within eight days after the date of completion of travel, to provide only to the Agency an documented complaint (certificate of the complaint on the spot, proves of additional payments and other evidence) and request refund of the difference in price. Each passenger shall submit complaint separately as the Agency will not consider group complaint. The Agency is obliged to process only complaints submitted on time, reasoned and documented and complaints about issue which could not be solved in the course of the journey on the spot.
Passenger loses the right to proportional price reduction and compensation if untimely, negligent and in the prescribed manner fails to point out the discrepancy between the provided and agreed services.

The Agency is obliged to send to the Passenger a written response to the complaint or to pay to the Passenger the difference in price on behalf of partially or inadequately performed services within 15 days after receipt of timely and well founded complaint.
If the complaint is incomplete and the same should be rearranged, the Agency will provide the Passenger with response to rearrange the complaint in the due course under the threat of failure. The Agency shall respond, in accordance with good business etiquette, within the legal deadline even to the passengers with complaints that are untimely, unreasonable or untidy.

Price reduction on passenger's complaint can only reach the amount of the services undone, cannot in any circumstances include used services nor the amount that will reach the entire cost of the Program. The fee, payable under the complaint, is proportional to the degree of service undone. If the Passenger accepts the compensation payment on behalf of proportional reduction of prices, or other form of compensation, it is understood that the Passenger complies s with the Agency peaceful solution to the dispute, and thus waived all further claims against the Agency in respect of the dispute, whether the Passenger has signed written confirmation of the compensation payment with the clause about final dismissal of mutual disputes.


For individual "book on request" travel, the Agency require a deposit that cannot be less than 50USD equivalent in rupiah (IDR) at the selling rate of commercial bank of the Agency, in the name of reservation costs. If the reservation is accepted by the Passenger, the deposit shall be included in the package price. If the reservation is not confirmed by the Agency till agreed period, the deposit is fully refundable to the Passenger. If the Passenger does not accept offered or confirmed reservation, which is entirely compatible with the requirements of passenger, the Agency keeps the deposit in full.

The Agency, except in case of high negligence, is not responsible for defects, material and physical harm during  the individual travel services created on passenger´s  request, for which is the Agency only an intermediary between the Passenger and direct service providers (e.g. accommodation services, transportation, tickets to sports events, tours, car rental, etc.).

If a Program consist from two or more individual services (e.g. flight and tour), cancellation fee is calculated separately for every individual service included in the Program.


Passenger personal data, submitted voluntarily by the passenger, are the Agency secret. The Passenger agrees that personal information can be used by the Agency to implement the agreed travel program. The Agency cannot disclose the address, destination, time and cost of travel and the names of companions to other persons, except to person designated by special regulations.

We may periodically send promotional emails about new products, special offers or other information which we think you may find interesting using the email address which you have provided.


The Agency can by contract or special general conditions, predict better provisions for the Passenger in relation to these Terms and Conditions, in extreme cases (on the occasion of sports, convention and other international events and special forms of tourism - pupils, fishing, extreme sports, etc. .) less favorable conditions shall apply in terms of timing and amount of compensation for the cancellation of the Contract etc

These Terms and Conditions are valid from 15.10.2011. till further notice.