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Before you fly

Arrive on time?

Strict safety procedures on many airports can lead to more time spent from the moment you arrive to the airport until your boarding. Allow yourself enough time for all procedures and reach the gate on time. Avoid stressful situation, arrive early and enjoy in airport facilities. Your plane will not wait you...

What is Electronic ticket (ETIX)?

ETIX is electronic record of all your flight details that is safely stored in airline computer reservation system. Today more than 95% of tickets are issued as ETIX. The benefit of this kind of tickets in compare with manual or automatic is that your ticket cannot be lost since all data are in the system thus duplicate can be e-mailed to you in a second.

Check in

Today many airlines offer on line check in for their passengers. If you are without baggage you can proceed to your gate with previously printed boarding pass but still have in mind that additional control of your travel documents may be required. If you decided to check in manually prepare your passport, your ETIX receipt and proceed to check in counter where you can drop off your baggage and obtain your boarding pass. Now is the good time to request your preferred seat.

How much baggage I can travel with free of charge?

It’s important to ask your airline or travel agent when you purchase your ticket as the free baggage allowance can vary by airline, routing and class of fare. For economy class most of regular airlines allow 20kgs of checked luggage and 7kgs of cabin baggage.

Expectant mothers

If pregnant you should consult your doctor and obtain VOG (visit obstetrics & gynecologist) document no earlier than 3 days from departure that confirms delivery date and fitness to fly. Restrictions can vary by airline, distances and total times to your destination, and availability of quality care.

Travelling with pets

Pet must be added to reservation and confirmed as special service request, the most airlines require health certificate for any animal they are transporting.

Can pets travel in the cabin?

Small dogs and cats may be allowed in the cabin, hence it’s the right of airline to accept or deny this kind of service. Some airlines restrict the number of animals on their flights so request confirmation of your special request well in advance.

Missing bag, what to do?

It is crucial to report missing baggage to the claims department on arrival. There you will provide information to the airlines to help them track down your baggage such are size, shape and color of your bag. The vast majority of mishandled luggage is returned to the passenger within 48 hours. Hence, sometimes can happen that baggage cannot be traced and in that case you have right to claim amount of 20usd per kg of your baggage according to international rule.

What to do if my flight is cancelled?

In case your flight is cancelled you have the right to be re-booked to another flight of same or alternative career. You should seek assistance from ground staff of airline whose flight is cancelled.

During the flight

Cabin pressure and dry air at 10000m above the ground can cause uncomfortable experience. Don’t forget that chewing bubblegum can reduce eventual pain from change of cabin pressure during plane ascent and descent. Drier cabin air may dry your skin, in order to avoid this use skin moisturizer. Don’t forget to take plenty of juice and water to avoid dehydration. Most important is to avoid sitting still or inactive for long periods of time. Light exercises for 3 till 5 minute per hour can encourage your blood circulation. Make yourself comfortable as possible and enjoy the moment above the clouds.